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The Compeitive Season Is Just Around The Corner

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

One thing is certain, Ingram's is a strong force in the traditional karate competitive arena and although we're currently in the off-season, it's time to begin thinking about the upcoming tournament year.

We at Ingram's believe in competition because we firmly believe it gives youth and adult martial artists a pathway toward a desired outcome. The competition framework gives martial artists a clear set of goals that are sure to benefit anyone who decides to take on the challenge. Competitive events are not easy, but that's part of the beauty of accepting the challenge; it's a way to test your skills and find out how to improve so that you can achieve the goal set forth.

We travel the AAU Karate event circuit and one of the things we love about this specific set of competitive events is that it is centered around traditional Japanese / Okinawan Karate styles. Many of the major styles in Okinawa and Japan are represented in these events, and a competitor must fall under certain criteria in order to take home the gold. These karate events not only teach athletes to train diligently and purposefully, but they also learn how important respect for oneself, one's competitors, and the officials involved in the tournaments is.

Our season training will begin in October for anyone who has never been on our team before. During the entire month we will focus on teaching new players the rules and begin the training necessary to perform well in the first event which will be held in January of 2024. Once November begins, returning athletes will begin joining in the practices and working toward that January event as well.

The season runs from January through July with an event each month leading up to AAU National Championships. Each event this year will be held in Florida, including the National Championships (which is sometimes held out of state) so it's a great time for athletes to join the fun. Some years, our team travels out of state to Isshinryu specific events as well. Last year we participated in the Isshinryu Hall Of Fame Tournament held in Gatlinburg, TN and we had a blast!

If you're interested in competitive events, but you aren't sure if it's right for you talk to your sensei about it. There are divisions that are designed for the extreme beginner all the way up to the seasoned competitor, so now is a great time to get involved.

Joining the competitive team is a great way to elevate your current training and enhance your enjoyment as you progress through the ranks. You can bond with other like minded students and find friendships along the way. Talk to your sensei today about how to get involved and keep an eye out for information regarding registration in the upcoming weeks.

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