Sheri Ingram-Angwin

Sheri Angwin, owner of Ingram's Karate Center and head instructor at the Carrollwood location, began training in Isshinryu karate in 1981 at the age of 4 under her parents, John, and Cindy Ingram.  At the age of 12 she began teaching and quickly discovered her love for sharing karate as a way to positively impact the lives of her students through traditional karate training. 

Sheri is a 7th-degree black belt who is also a three-time national champion in the Women's lightweight black belt division.  She was one of 5 women chosen to represent the United States on AAU's national team which traveled to Scotland in 2000.  She was the recipient of the WUIKA instructor of the year award in 2012 and the KIAI  “Trailblazer” award in 2018.  Sheri is AAU's head referee in Florida and oversees much of the AAU's competitive circuit in Florida.  She is also a certified AAU National Referee. 

When asked about her karate training and teaching career, Sheri points out that "Karate is a way of life,  Not something I do as a hobby, Karate is something that makes me who I am. I love being able to help students of all ages find self-improvement, strength, and confidence through Isshinryu Karate."

Photo Taken During Training in Katsuren Uruma, Okinawa, Japan 2017

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