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How Can My Child Benefit From This Program?

Ingram’s children’s program has long been synonymous with helping develop not only the fitness level of a child but their mental focus and emotional health as well. The instructors at Ingram’s strive to help children develop self-confidence and self-respect through positive reinforcement. Children learn to take pride in themselves as they develop skills and achieve their goals within the carefully structured Ingram’s children’s curriculum. Along with their increased self-confidence, children learn that they are not to misuse their martial arts skills and to have respect for teachers, parents, and fellow students both in and outside of the karate setting. 

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Ingram's Karate understands the problems unique to youngsters, and the concerns parents naturally have regarding the growth and productivity of their children. Our well organized, professionally planned Isshinryu children's program is designed to be valuable for parents in the task of building a child's self-confidence, positive outlook, and self-esteem. They learn to take pride in themselves and their accomplishments, soon come out of their shells, begin to participate, and learn to make friends easier. Attention spans increase as do motor skills and performance at sports and other activities. 

Bully-Proof Your Child

It can be difficult to know if your child is being bullied when they are away from home. Children will often keep this situation to themselves for various reasons such as embarrassment or feeling helpless. Those who bully other children lack self-respect and confidence. They seek targets they perceive to be weaker than themselves to boost their sense of self-worth.


Martial Arts foundation is based on a strong emphasis on teaching discipline and respect. At Ingram's Karate, our martial arts programs teach kids that there can be no self-respect without respect for others. We don’t tolerate bullying and we teach kids that how they treat others will reflect on them both here at the dojo – and at school.

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