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Ingram's Karate Closes The 2022 Competitive Season With Big Wins...

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Ingram's Pictured With Sensei Dan Halloway represent the WUIKA, A world united Isshinryu organization founded by Sensei John Ingram.

The 2022 Competitive Season closed with the Isshinryu Hall Of Fame Tournament in Gatlinburg, TN on July 16th. This event drew competitors from around the nation to test their skills in this Isshinryu specific event and the Ingram's team was ready for the challenge.

Through the year, the Ingram's team has been training and attending karate tournaments each month in preparation for the end of season events. Beginning at the end of June, the Ingram's team attended AAU National Championships in Ft. Lauderdale, FL with the goal of bringing home national titles.

The AAU Karate National Championships are held annually in various locations around the nation and bring together the finest athletes from all 50 states to test their skills in Kata (Forms), Kumite (Sparring), and Kobudo (Weapons). The event began with opening ceremonies on July 4th, and the athletes from Ingram's were ready to represent their dojo and their nation with pride.

The Ingram's team is comprised of children, teens, and adults of all ages and experience levels. From the beginner athlete to the seasoned competitor, everyone on the Ingram's team trained together to show their best performance at the season's final USA event.

So much time and effort has been dedicated to training and learning how to become a stronger and faster athlete. The Ingram's coaches, instructors, and athletes have proven they have what it takes to set out on a journey of focused training toward a long term goal. That's what is so unique about karate competition, although the athlete trains as an individual, the camaraderie and support that can be found in team sports is strong on the Ingram's Competitive team.

Senseis, coaches, and students all share a common goal and work together to bring out their strengths and overcome their challenges. The friendships that a student develops through the competitive season are often lifelong and enduring because the shared experience of the love for traditional karate combined with the challenge of elite competition weaves together a strong foundation of connection with others.

One of my favorite things about our team is watching students support each other through their challenges and cheer each other on toward their victories. ~Sensei Jen

Karate competition is great for children as well as teens and adults. It can even be a family endeavor that helps kids and parents share a connection through the martial arts. Male and female, children and adults, all those who love traditional karate can benefit from the competitive edge of martial arts.