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Ingram's Athletes Win Big At National Championships.

While many of us were celebrating the July 4th holiday at home, Ingram's competitive team celebrated by bringing their skills to the mats in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The team at Ingram's has been focused on the nationals event since the fall of last year when their training began for the 2019 season, and arrived ready to bring their skills and focus for a chance at a national championship title.

Athletes at Nationals compete in three types of events: Kata (forms), Kobudo (weapons), and Kumite (sparring) and we're proud to say that some of our athletes won multiple titles for their participation in those events.

Jadyn Frank with her Grand Championship Cup

This year, the team brought home a total of 65 medals; of which 30 were bronze, 20 were silver, and 15 were Gold medal national championship titles. Some of Ingram's athletes even went on to compete at the 'Finals' as a result of their first place achievements in the black belt divisions; Jadyn Frank, 13, took home a 'Grand Championship' Trophy at the finals, after winning every bout.

We truly enjoy seeing these athletes bring Isshinryu to the national stage and represent so well and we are extremely proud of every athlete who attended the national championships this year. Now, Ingram's looks across the Atlantic, as instructors and students will travel to London next week for some international competition.

Congratulations to all of the Ingram's AAU 2019 National Champions:

Angee Hastings

Jadyn Frank

Sophie Altiok

Leo Martinez

Chris Rozek

Michael McCauslin

Lilli Cletcher

Evan Melendez

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