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Ingram's Afterschool Program

Ingram's after school program in Carrollwood is back! We're so excited to have our afterschool program up and running again and look forward to a great school year at Ingam's. We provide a safe, limited capacity and clean environment for children to get socialization and exercise/karate classes.

Giving kids a positive afterschool experience is something we are passionate about. Karate has always been a great way to compliment all of the good characteristics you are helping your child learn; hard work, goal setting, physical fitness, and respect for self and others and Ingram's provides a tried and true program to help instill these values through our children's karate curriculum.

Now more than ever parents are looking for a safe and positive place for kids to be after school and we are proud to say that Ingram's Karate Afterschool program balances perfectly the need for a fun and safe option that parents can feel good about.

Here's What We're Doing For A Safe And

Healthy Environment For You and Your Child

  • Masks are mandatory in the lobby and all common areas of the dojo

  • Reduction of the number of parent spectators in the lobby

  • Students are distanced a minimum of 6 feet apart

  • No partner work is being done during classes

  • Disinfecting between every class, which includes mats, equipment, handles, and surfaces

  • Hand sanitizer is being distributed as everyone enters and leaves the dojo

  • Students are dismissed a few at a time to maintain a safe distance

For more information about our afterschool program at our Carrollwood location

call us today. We're happy to help you learn why so many families have trusted Ingram's for their afterschool needs and why so many kids have had not just a great learning opportunity at our afterschool program, but a ton of fun too. We look forward to hearing from you.

Call us today at:


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