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Curriculum Requirements For Beginners

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

As you progress through the ranks at Ingram's there are specific requirements that you need to be aware of so that you can make the most of your training and perform with proficiency and accuracy on your tests.

Below is a rank specific listing of all testing requirements for beginner students. Please note that the adult and teen curriculum differs from the children's curriculum. Should you need clarification regarding any of the rank requirements listed, please be sure to talk with your sensei.

Ranks are listed by 'KYU' levels. These numbered levels are assigned a belt color, with 10th Kyu being White belt, and 1st Kyu being the final rank before black belt.

White Belt:10th Kyu

Yellow Belt: 9th Kyu

Orange Belt: 8th Kyu

Orange Belt: 7th Kyu (2nd level Orange Belt)

Blue Belt: 6th Kyu

Green Belt: 5th Kyu

Green Belt: 4th Kyu (2nd level Green Belt)

Brown Belt: 3rd Kyu

Brown Belt: 2nd Kyu (2nd level Brown Belt)

Brown Belt: 1st Kyu (3rd level Brown Belt)

Black Belt ranks are called "Dan Ranks" and are not included in the kyu rank requirement list below.


Children Ages 6 and up

10th Kyu-White Belt

Basic Punches (Kihon)

-Chudan Oi-Tsuki

(Middle Same side punch)

Target is Solar Plexus

-Jodan oi-Tsuki

(Upper Same Side Punch)

Target is Base Of Nose

-Chudan Gyaku Tsuki

(Middle reverse side punch)

Target is Solar Plexus

-Jodan Gyaku Tsuki

(Upper reverse side punch)

Target is Base of Nose

-Jodan Uke Chudan Tsuki

(Upper block middle punch)

-Chudan Uke Chudan Tsuki

(Middle block middle punch)

-Gedan Barai Chudan Tsuki

(Lower area sweep block middle punch)

Basic Kicks

-Mae Geri

Front snap kick with ball of foot to pelvis

-Soba Ne-Ate

Cross Kick with heel to the area 2 inches above the knee

-Yoko Soba Geri

Snap kick on angle with the blade of foot

-Soba Geri

Snap kick to the side with ball of foot


Hook Punch defense

Lapel Grab Defense

Wrist Grab Defense

9th Kyu - Yellow belt

Basic Punches (Kihon)

-Jodan Te-Gatana Barai Jodan Tsuki

(Upper open hand block, upper punch)

-Chudan Te Gatana Barai Chudan Nuki

(Middle open hand block, middle spear)

-Ura-Uchi Chudan Tsuki

(Backfist strike to bridge of nose followed by middle punch)

-Jodan Uke Go-Renzoku Tsuki

(Upper block 5 continuous punches)

-Chudan Uke Go-Renzoku Tsuki

(Middle block 5 continuous punches)

-Gedan Barai Go Renzoku Tsuki

(Lower block 5 continuous punches)

-Hiji No Tsukai Kata

(Ways to elbow / Methods of elbow)


-Yoko Geri

Blade of foot kick directly to side (Target ranges from 2 inches above knee to floating rib)

-Hiza Geri

Knee strike to pelvis

-Mae Ne Ate

Break a choke as you step back then deliver heel thrust kick to pelvis

-O Toshi Geri

Side step on forward angle kick with ball of foot to pelvis


Student must have increased proficiency in all self defense from prior test requirements below are in addition to previously learned techniques. All are required to test.

Front Choke

Hair Grab


White Belt - 10th Kyu

Adult and Teen Students perform the same Kihon curriculum as the children's curriculum. Please scroll up to view the Kihon Punch and Kick requirements in the children's curriculum.


Front Choke

Lapel Grab

Hook Punch

Wrist Grab

Yellow Belt - 9th Kyu

Adult and Teen students perform the same curriculum as the children's curriculum above however there are 2 additional Basic Punches required:

*O-Uchi (known as the big strike) side step to shiko dachi on angle with deflection block and deliver 2 hooks to the opponent's body

*Shuto No-Tsukai Kata "Ways to Schuto" step forward and deliver a schuto strike to ribs followed by a schuto strike to the side of the neck.

Self Defense

All defense requirements listed are in addition to the requirements previously learned. White belt and yellow belt defense techniques are required to test for Orange belt.

Head Lock

Two Hand Choke From Behind

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