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Ingram's Staff and Students look toward London for the IWKA World Championships

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Ingram's Karate Center is no stranger to competition. With students from Ingram's rising to the top at the state, national, and international level since the early 1980's, competitive events have become something of a tradition at Ingram's and it's always exciting when there is an overseas tournament in our near future.

Staff and students from Ingram's Karate will head to London on July 24th for an Isshinryu specific competition to represent the World United Isshinryu Karate Association. This event will host competitiors from around the globe who will face off in Kata (forms), Kumite (Sparring), and Kobudo (Weapons) for a world championship title.

The World United Isshinryu Karate Association (also known as the WUIKA) was formed to promote and educate Isshinryu students about the ways Master Tatsuo Shimabuku (founder and Grandmaster of Isshinryu Karate) taught his Isshinryu. It has a deep desire to keep the original teachings of Master Shimabuku alive and thriving. This strong tie to Master Shimabuku is directly related to the life's work of Master Harold Mitchum who was Master Shimabuku's #1 American student and became a pioneer of Isshinryu Karate, not just in the United States but the world over. Sensei John Ingram (Master Mitchum's #1 student and president of the WUIKA) has taken this organization abroad to partner with other Isshinryu dojos around the world who strive to share in this goal of unchanged Isshinryu history and tradition.

This event is designated only for Isshinryu practitioners, so it's a great opportunity for our students and staff to see how we rank against other Isshinryu schools around the world. Events like these are always so special because it's not only a chance to flex our 'Ingram muscle", but to also participate in training sessions with other World United Isshinryu Schools from Europe while we are there. The training and experience that our senseis will receive always proves to be beneficial to our instructors as they share their skillset with other Isshinryu practitioners as well as enhance their own knowledge and teaching skills.

It's also exciting to note that Sensei Sheri, who has been serving as the AAU Florida Head Referee in our AAU state competitions, will be participating as a referee at the London event, and Sensei Jen will be coming out of competition retirement to compete overseas for the first time. In fact, most of the instructors at Ingram's will be there to compete in the tournament, as well as take part in some advanced training seminars.

With all of this International activity going on, it reminds us how proud we are that being a student at Ingram's means more than just having access to a few classes a week, it quite literally means joining a family of dedicated Isshinryu practitioners who strive to impart the Isshinryu traditions founded by Master Tatsuo Shimabuku to the next generation and who are willing to reach to the highest levels to represent our style to the world.

Also keep in mind that we begin sign ups for our competitive team in the fall, so if you are inspired to try your hand at competitive karate events be sure to talk to your sensei about the opportunities that are available to you. Our school has a rich history of traditional karate competitions and we can help answer your questions regarding tournaments and our competitive team.

During the time of the London tournament, the dojos will be closed to allow our students and staff the ability to participate. Dojo closing will be from from July 24th - August 1st, so be sure to make note of that on your calendar. We will be sure to post updates on all of the senseis and students' progress on our facebook page so that everyone can be part of this historic event.

When you're at the dojo, ask your sensei if they will be participating in the London tournament. If they say yes, wish them luck; it means the world to us to know that our students are rooting for us.

~Sensei Jen Davenport

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