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Positively Impacting Lives Through Traditional Karate

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Afterschool Program

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Our Programs
Kid's Karate 

Give your child the life long gift of Confidence, Leadership Skills, Discipline, and Self-Defense.

Teens & Adult Karate 

Karate Classes are not only fun, but empowering. This form of training is a great workout and will get you into the best shape of your life.

Competition Team

Join other competitors to develop respect, admiration, and friendships with others who share their interest in sport karate

Our Kobudo class teaches the traditional weapons of Okinawa that are part of the Isshinryu Karate system and Tokushinryu Kobudo.

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Summer Camp

Come join us for Ingram's Karate Summer camp and make this your child's most exciting summer camp EVER! 

Afterschool Program

Our martial arts after-school program teaches self-discipline, confidence, self-defense, coordination, patience and sportsmanship.

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Now offering customized private lessons featuring a combination of personal training and karate training by certified personal trainer and 3rd degree black belt,  Sensei Trey  Angwin.

Sensei Angwin will conduct a personal training plan to get you in your best shape ever!

No matter your level or goal, Sensei Angwin's  expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm will get you where you want to be. Whatever you need, this program will help you stay focused, safe, and motivated.


Carrollwood & Hudson Locations

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Ingram's Karate


Ingram's Karate Center was founded by John and Cindy Ingram in 1977. The dojo has been offering quality Martial Arts instruction to countless students since its inception and is proud to be among the leading traditional karate schools in the nation. Since 2004, Ingram's Karate has been operated by their daughter, Sheri Ingram-Angwin and Jennifer Davenport. Ingram's Karate program continues to be a beacon of top-notch instruction with a personal touch.

meet the staff

Meet The Team

Sheri Angwin 7th Dan

New Port Richey & Carrollwood, FL

Chief Instructor at Carollwood Dojo


Dan Callahan 3rd Dan

 Kobudo Program Director

Carollwood, FL Dojo


Jennifer Davenport 7th Dan

Director and Chief Instructor

New Port Richey, FL  Dojo


Trey Angwin 3rd Dan

 Head Instructor 

Carollwood, FL Dojo




18 Best Tampa Martial Arts Teachers | Expertise



14457 N. Dale Mabry, Tampa, FL 33618

New Port Richey


4116 Little Rd, New Port Richey, FL 34655


"Great martial arts school. 
Started taking classes back in 2006 or 2007 and haven't stopped.  The teachers "Sensei" there are amazing. 
It's not like the cobra-kai dojo in the karate kid, here you are treated like a human being. 

As an adult starting karate, I was worried about teens making fun of adults. Not here. Just like the instructors, the students behave like professionals as well. 
Great school. There is a reason it's been around for so long.  Do not go to a McDojo. Go to Ingrams Pro Karate."

— Christopher R. 

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