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Why Ingram's Karate Day Camps are beneficial for kids

If you're a parent, chances are you are on the lookout for fun ways to keep the kids busy this summer; but you don't want just any camp, you want to find a fun camp that will provide a safe environment AND some positive learning and life experiences along the way. Karate day camp is a great way to find that perfect balance. Kids who attend our karate day camp get to experience the best of what Ingram's has to offer.

Each day is jam packed with fun and unique activities, organized by an Ingram's counselor who personally knows your child and has experience interacting with them. These daily activities are designed to directly enhance the valuable martial arts code of hard work, respect, and goal setting while fostering friendships and bonds between students.

Studies have shown that when children are able to surround themselves with others who are goal oriented they are more likely to achieve success in reaching that goal, this is one of the reasons why each year campers tend to rededicate themselves to their black belt and beyond goals as well as gain strength and proficiency in their training.

Karate day camp offers daily karate classes that are designed to give each student an edge in their skills. Attending day camp karate classes provides daily skill building and helps campers develop confidence through each of the daily lessons.

No one would deny that summer time is a great time to spend time with family, and campers who attend their karate day camp classes free up their evening time to attend other activities or just hang out with friends and family without having to attend an evening karate class. It's a win - win!

Ingram's camps are unique because we also want to provide a high quality camp with focused attention on each camper's experience, so we cap our attendance to help us make the best camp possible! Ingram's camps are fun, customized, and help foster the positive benefits of martial arts training. Sign up for karate day camp today!

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