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The Stress Of Our Current Situation

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

The world has changed, seemingly overnight. With all of the uncertainty, one thing is sure to be agreed upon, self quarantine and news of a global pandemic can play havoc on a person's mind and outlook. Adults who are able to navigate the news and use life skills like critical thinking may evade some of the fear but children are extremely susceptible to the effects of fear, uncertainty, and major life changes.

One thing that may help those facing stress due to this ever changing situation is limiting one's exposure to an all day 'information dump' that can be troublesome in our age of the 24 hour news cycle. If you feel high levels of anxiety, or if you think your child might be experiencing some of these feelings, it is recommended to cut down your news consumption and allow only informative and official updates to find their way into the airspace in your home, or try to get your news updates at a time when children won't be so immersed in the topic. When troubling news does find it's way in, be sure to communicate to children in an age appropriate way that their loved ones are all working together to stay safe and healthy and will make sure they are too. Often a child's fear and anxiety can stem more from the lack of conversation about the troublesome topic than the topic itself. The fear of the unknown can lead a child to feel lost in what seems like an endless sea of scary headlines and social media opinions. Be your child's first line of information.

Another helpful recommendation during this time of self quarantine and social distancing is to maintain as many of the normal day to day routines your family is used to. This may be difficult now that everyone is working and schooling at home but even small things can play a big part in creating the security of normal life. Daily structure creates a place for a young person's mind to focus and will allow a break from the reality of the day. Now is also a great time to develop new family routines like reading together, playing board games, or exercising together. Take this opportunity to reconnect with eachother because a strong family unit is a great way to mitigate stress and anxiety.

Fitness is another important aspect of health and well being. Exercise can be a great stress relief and allows the body to release pent up energy and anxiety, some studies have even shown that maintaining a regular exercise routine can boost the immune system. Exercise combined with learning a new skill can be even more beneficial to one's mental well being because it brings the mind even deeper into the focus of learning. Martial arts has always been touted as a great stress relief and a way to combat mental decline and now more than ever people are in need of healthy and safe options to stay active and engaged in positive activities.

Social distancing doesn't have to impede on your well being, Ingram's is offering some amazing options for online martial arts training that can help families combat the stress of our current situation. Karate is great for everyone of all ages and fitness levels and with our online options, current and future students of karate can train with the area's #1 dojo right in the comfort of their homes. The best part about these online options is that our unique and exciting Ingram's curriculum can be enjoyed from anywhere, location is no longer a barrier to getting the high quality traditional karate instruction that Ingram's provides. We have classes online for all ages and abilities; there's never been a better time to give karate a try, and there's no better option than Ingram's.

For more information about how to get involved in online karate with Ingram's, be sure to follow us on facebook @ingramskarate where you can message us your questions.

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