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Ingram's Offers Community Outreach Opportunity:

Ingram's Karate Center is excited to announce that we are creating a unique community outreach to support local schools, charities, and sporting leagues in the area.  We want to be able to provide schools as well as other community organizations with an easy way to raise funds with the mission of helping support education and the extracurriculars that build strong youth in the community.  We've been here in Pasco since 1977 and are extremely grateful for the support and love that our community has given us over the decades since our doors opened, and we want to give back.

We are offering a special deeply discounted one month membership in the amount of $50 as the product of the fundraiser.  Families at local schools and extracurricular groups or charities can decide for themselves if they want to participate and purchase this one-month membership (which has no contracts and no further obligation) and they can use this for their own family member or give it as a gift for a friend.  This $50 will in turn be donated directly back to their organization of choice.  

Each one-month membership purchase using our provided link or QR code = $50 donated to your organization of choice. Ingram's doesn't keep any of the purchase amount so it truly is an outreach and Ingram's doesn't seek to profit from the transaction, rather we wish to simply be a vehicle for local groups who are invested in community youth support to raise funds so they can continue to do the great work that they do.

When families purchase the fundraiser product (1 Month Membership for $50) using our link/QR code they would be able to select any local groups who have signed on as a partner with us as an option for donation so that we can track the money raised for donation to the chosen group.  (This purchase is only available to new students and can only be used 1-time per person.) Once the purchase is made, we will track and donate funds to the selected groups who have partnered with us on a quarterly basis.

We're proud to be helping schools, sports groups, and charities in Pasco and Hillsborough raise funds to help them further support the community and be a combined force for good in the neighborhood.

If you would like your group to partner with us on this be sure to email us at the dojo: with the subject 'COMMUNITY OUTREACH' in the subject line.

Let's work together to make our community strong!


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