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Ingram's Afterschool Is Like No Other

With school, work, and family obligations it's no secret families of young children are looking for a quality program that can help them bridge the gap between school and work schedules on weeknights.

With children finishing school earlier than parents can leave work, the need for an after-school care program is rising, but how can families be certain that the program they choose will offer their children the kind of environment that is reflective of the loving home they work so hard to provide?

This is the age-old concern for all parents, and as a parent myself I can absolutely agree that making a decision to place your child into an aftercare program is a difficult one. This is why I set out to combine my love for traditional Isshinryu Karate with my deep desire to offer parents a high-quality after-school care program that offers exactly what I was looking for when my own children were young; a warm, caring enviroment that not only provides a safe place for my children, but also offers a top-notch experience of enrichment.

The children who participate in our after-school program find that they have the opportunity to grow in the martial arts through the traditional children's karate program at Ingram's. Attributes like hard work, perseverance, and respect for self and others (which is the cornerstone of the Ingram's Karate children's program) provide a perfect vehicle for children to find their strength and learn about living in a way that helps them achieve their goals.

The afterschool counselors have a deep understanding of how to provide a balance of fun, with structure that will ensure all children thrive and grown in our program.

If you're interested in finding out more about our high-quality afterschool program and how it can help your child succeed, we'd love to talk with you.

Please reach out to us at our Carrollwood location for more information:


~Sensei Sheri Angwin

Owner, Ingram's Karate Center

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