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Curriculum Requirements for Novice Students

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

As a novice student, you've gone beyond the beginning stages of learning the details involved in making good techniques. As a novice, you'll continue to learn new skills but the focus will be on solidifying what you've learned to this point.

A novice student is considered to be 8th Kyu (Orange Belt) - 4th Kyu (Green Belt With Stripe) and below is a listing of the rank requirements you'll need for testing as a novice student.


8TH KYU (Orange Belt)

Kumite Drills will now be added to your curriculum. These will include learning the following skills for proficiency in Kumite Class (sparring)

-Mawashi Geri (Round Kick)

- Gyaku Mawashi Geri (Back Leg Round Kick)

-Gyaku Tsuki (Reverse Punch)

-Jodan Oi-tsuki (Jab /front hand punch to the head)

These techniques will be combined with footwork drills to help you learn proper movement during sparring. Some of these footwork drills include:



-Step Through


-Head Lock

-2 Hand Choke From Behind

ADULT / TEEN (8th Kyu)

As an a new orange belt, you'll begin learning Seisan Kata and that will be the main focus of your training. This kata will incorporate techniques that you learned in the beginner stages as a pattern that you will be expected to remember and perform correctly as it is taught to you. Details matter, as these kata are quite old and are the legacy of true karate as it is passed down from Sensei to student for many generations. (You will not need to perform this kata on your next test, but you are required to learn it to completion before you can be considered a candidate for testing)

In addition to kata, you'll add in the following self-defense techniques that you will perform at testing:

-2nd Hook Punch Defense

-Bear Hug (Arms Restrained)

-Bear Hug (Arms Unrestrained)

You will also learn kumite techniques and will need to understand and perform them at each test from now through black belt.

CHILDREN-7 th Kyu:

As a 7th kyu you're working toward your blue belt. You'll be learning the following techniques for your test:

-Ura Mawashi Geri (Hook Kick)

-Gyaku Ura Mawashi Geri (Rear leg hook kick)


-Bear Hug (Arms restrained)

-Bear Hug (Arms Unrestrained)

-One Arm Choke From Behind

(At this point children may have finished learning Seisan kata, or they might still be in the process of learning it. Seisan is not a factor in determining test readiness for children at this level)


As a 7th kyu you're preparing for your blue belt. During this level you will begin learning a new Kata (Called Seiuchin). You must complete the kata in it's entirety before you're eligible to test however you will not perform Seiuchin at your test for blue belt.


-3rd Hook Punch Defense

Kata Requirement at Test: SEISAN

CHILDREN -6th Kyu (Blue Belt)

At this point in your training, you're a blue belt preparing for your green belt test. You've been learning Seisan since receiving your Orange belt and you'll need to be able to perform it at your test for Green belt.

There are no new Self Defense or Kumite requirements at this time. Seisan is the most important part of your green belt test so be sure to practice diligently!


-As a blue belt you will learn Naihanchi Kata. You must complete the kata to be eligible to test.


-Defense against a Jab (lead hand punch to the head)



Children at the Green belt level will begin learning a new Kata called Wansu. This will be something they learn over the course of their next few belt levels. This will not be a deciding factor in test readiness at the Green belt level.


All previous self defense skills are expected to be much improved from the last test you attended. There are no additional techniques to learn but proficiency is becoming very important at this stage.

ADULT / TEEN - 5th Kyu

As a green belt in our adult and teen program you'll begin learning a new Kata Called Wansu. You'll need to complete this kata before being eligible for testing to 4th kyu.



KATA REQUIREMENTS: Seisan, Seiuchin, Naihanchi

CHILDREN - 4th Kyu (Green With stripe)

Children at this level will be working mainly on Seisan and Wansu and will be required to perform both with proficiency at their next test. There are no new self-defense techniques at this level.

ADULT / TEEN 4th Kyu (Green with Stripe)

Adult and teens will begin learning a kata called Chinto. You need to complete this kata completely to be eligible to test.


-Advanced Elbow techniques (3)

KATA REQUIREMENTS: Seisan, Seiuchin, Naihanchi, Wansu

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