Ingrams Pro Karate | Tokushinryu Kobudo
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Tokushinryu Kobudo


Ingram’s Karate Center has long been on the forefront of traditional Okinawan Karate training, we believe in  the benefits that can be found through learning traditional Karate.  The rich history, tradition and culture that traditional karate training can provide  has been the dominating force behind why students love training at Ingram’s.  We are now pleased to announce that we are offering yet another unique learning experience, through our Tokushinryu Kobudo classes.  In keeping with our belief in preserving the traditional art of the old Okinawan ways, we are now offering Tokushinryu Kobudo at both of our locations.

This system, developed by Tokumura Kensho Sensei, is an eclectic grouping of the vast uniqueness of Okinawan Weapons training.  These weapons offer a variety of kata designed to bring the ancient Okinawan weaponry into our modern day training atmosphere to keep them alive and avoid losing them to history.

Ingram’s is honored to be one of the few Karate schools offering this unique system of weapons training, and we encourage you to come find out more.

Classes are offered on Mondays at both our New Port Richey and Carrollwood locations.