Ingrams Pro Karate | Ingram’s Team to attend District Competition
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Ingram’s Team to attend District Competition

Ingram’s Team to attend District Competition

On Saturday, February 17th, athletes from Ingram’s Karate Center will travel to Ft. Pierce to attend the second competition of the 2018 season.  Children, teens, and adults will test their skills against other martial artists in the events of Kata (forms), Kobudo (weapons), and Kumite (sparring).

Many students at Ingram’s began competing at a young age and have leveled up through the years to be the top in their divisions.

When asked why she likes going to competitions, Jadyn Frank, age 11 said, “I like getting to see friends I haven’t seen in a while.  Kids from other karate schools have been in my division through the years and we get to know each other so it’s fun to get together and compete against each other, I also love to do kata and weapons, it’s all just fun.”

Ingram’s Karate Center’s competitive team has their sights on an international event this summer in Scotland where many Ingram’s students have been invited to compete as part of the AAU USA team.

For more information about Ingram’s Karate Center or Competitive Karate events you can contact Ingram’s Karate Center at the following numbers:

Tampa: 813-969-4777

New Port Richey: 727-372-7673

Competitors from a previous event proudly pose with their winning medals.