Ingrams Pro Karate | Ingram’s Competitive Team Does It Again!
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Ingram’s Competitive Team Does It Again!

Ingram’s Competitive Team Does It Again!

The competitive team at Ingram’s Karate Center has been preparing for the 2018 season since the fall of 2017, and the long awaited season opener took place on January 27-28th.  Athletes gathered together at the Innisbrook resort to test their skills against the region’s other martial arts schools.  The event, which hosted athletes in forms and weapons (Kata and Kobudo) on Saturday and sparring (Kumite) on Sunday, was highly anticipated by the students and instructors at Ingram’s Karate.

Now that the results are in, Ingram’s is proud to announce that the team brought home a total of 87 medals of which 34 were Gold, 23 were silver, and 30 were bronze.   Now the team will set their sights on their next event in February where they will meet in Ft. Pierce to continue moving through the season with their end goals on the AAU Nationals during the summer to be held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

We are so proud of all the Ingram’s competitive athletes who dedicate so much of their time and passion to improving their martial arts skills and reaching for their goals!  Great job team!

If you have questions about competitive karate, talk to your sensei.  It’s a great way to kick up your training, and add an element of fun to your martial arts journey.




After the competition the fun continued at the Annual Kickoff Banquet.  Athletes who earned high accolades from last year’s season were awarded with FL rankings based on their performance in the 2017 season.  Ingram’s top athletes are shown below with their trophies.