Ingrams Pro Karate | Ingram’s Celebrates 40 Years!
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Ingram’s Celebrates 40 Years!

Ingram’s Celebrates 40 Years!

If you’ve been a resident of Pasco County or the surrounding areas long, chances are you’ve heard the name Ingram’s Karate; perhaps you had a friend in school years ago who studied karate at Ingram’s,  or maybe a Coworker has a son or daughter that was a member at Ingram’s.  Maybe you even took karate at Ingram’s years ago when you were a kid.  Stories like this can be heard many times over in the area because Ingram’s Karate has been serving Pasco county families since 1977 and we are proud to announce we are in our 40th year!

Sensei John and Sensei Cindy Ingram began Ingram’s Karate at the New Port Richey Recreation Center in 1977.  Classes were held only three days per week and there was only one class for children and adults to participate in together.  Wow have times changed!  Ingram’s is now owned and operated by daughter Sheri Ingram-Angwin and long time Ingram’s student Jennifer Davenport, who both began training as children in the early 80’s with Sensei Cindy and Sensei John.  Ingram’s Karate Center has grown to be the leader in traditional karate for children and adults and has a world class competitive team that is proud to have had students compete all over the world in countries like Scotland, Germany, Poland, Japan, Australia, and Italy.  Many of those athletes have even come home with world championship titles from those international events!

Karate is a great platform for children to grow in strength and confidence, and it’s great for adults to relieve stress and increase fitness; and Ingram’s is a great place to find your karate niche.  It’s no wonder we’ve been here 40 years!

If you would like to be a part of the Ingram’s legacy in Pasco, Pinellas, or Hillsborough simply give us a call!  Make a great first step toward a healthier, stronger you!