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About Ingram’s Karate


Honoring  Isshin-Ryu karate by teaching the traditional Okinawan martial arts style of Master Tatsuo Shimabuku.


Sensei John Ingram began studying Isshinryu in 1974. His wife Cindy began in 1977. They studied from Jim Canter who was a Ni Dan at the time. Jim learned from Willie Adams in Detroit, then moved to Florida and opened a dojo.


At that time they were with the American Okinawan Karate Association (AOKA). During this period, John attended two AOKA functions and Cindy attended one.


Before Jim Canter retired from teaching karate he took two of his black belts (one of them being John) to Georgia to get promoted to Ni Dan. That is when John first met Sensei Harold Mitchum. Sensei Mitchum looked at the two of them do kata and then promoted Jim Canter so that he could promote his own students.


Jim retired soon after and John and Cindy took over the school (which had about 15 students). They had a lawn service in New Port Richey, Florida where they mowed about 80 lawns a week by themselves and then worked out and taught karate in the evenings. They took their two daughters with them and one of their daughters, Sheri, went on to get her black belt and is presently a Go Dan who teaches karate at the Ingrams’ dojo.


A growing lawn service and over 100 students at a local recreation center pushed the Ingrams to make a tough decision. They decided that something had to go — and it would not be teaching Isshinryu! They opened a second school in Palm Harbor, Florida which ran full time and grew to over 300 students. The dojo is still in operation under Sensei Dean Lavas. The recreation center dojo in New Port Richey was moved to a full time facility and now has over 300 students.


John and Cindy’s oldest daughter, Sheri Ingram Angwin now runs Ingram’s Karate center along with life long Ingram’s student and instructor Jennifer Davenport. Sensei Sheri has been practicing Isshinryu Karate since 1982 and is currently a 6th degree black belt.  Sensei Sheri competed on the U.S. fighting team who defeated England in 1993.  She took 3rd place in the Isshinryu World Championships in Kata in 1997.  Sheri won the gold medal at the 2000 AAU National Karate Championships.  More recently, she was chosen to be on the U.S. team to compete at the World Championships in Scotland. The team was comprised of the top 5 women and 9 men from all over the United States.  Sensei Sheri then went on to win the gold medal in fighting at the 2001 National Championships in New Orleans – making it the second year in a row as the National Champion in the Women’s Lightweight Division. Sensei Sheri is Florida’s Regional AAU Referee.  Sensei Sheri was also named the 2005 Sensei of the year by the U.I.K.A.  Sensei Sheri is currently the chief instructor at the Tampa dojo.


Jennifer Davenport is a 6th degree black belt who has been studying Isshinryu since 1984.  She has won Florida State championships in sport karate.  She also won second place in the 1997 Isshinryu Grand Nationals held in New York. She took the gold medal at the Okinawan World Championships in 2001. Jennifer was the U.I.K.A. instructor of the year in 2004. She won National titles in both 2008 and 2010. Jennifer is a certified coach and referee for the AAU. She has been instructing at Ingram’s Professional Karate Center since 1990 and loves working with children. Sensei Jennifer is currently the chief instructor at the New Port Richey dojo.


Both Sensei Sheri and Sensei Jen endeavor to teach their students that being a good martial artist is being a good example for others – both inside and outside karate class.  These individuals along with many others, have made great advances for Isshinryu Karate, as well as making Ingram’s Professional Karate Center a name synonymous with world class martial arts instruction.


Sensei John winning the Florida State Kickboxing Championship.

John and Cindy Ingram performing bo/sai kumite.

Sheri Angwin(middle) performing bunki with Jennifer Davenport(left).